About The Gold Sea

The Gold Sea is known for its diverse menu that boasts bold flavours and classic comfort food. The chip shop is ideally located at 137-141 Ferry Rd., Edinburgh EH6 4ET, and offers a variety of delectable fast food options, including finger-licking-good Fried Chicken and perfect Fish and Chips specialities.

Our fresh Cod Fish is an absolute hit with foodies. It is covered with golden crispy batter and comes on a bed of warm, hand-cut chips. The portions of fish are pretty sizable and you can choose between getting large pieces or small ones.
Your taste buds will be even happier when you take a bite of our signature chicken dishes. Our tender Chicken Strips, breaded Chicken Nuggets and spicy chicken Wings are irresistibly tasty and full of goodness!
There is also a huge selection of succulent Doner Kebabs, gourmet Burgers and Wraps that will have your mouth watering. Our freshly made Pizzas made with 100% fresh dough are a favourite by many. They are available in stuffed crust, thin crust and Deep pan varieties. You can try them all here!

Our shop has proudly joined Mealzo, which offers £3 off on orders over £15! Download the Mealzo app and order from your local Takeaway at a better price.

Please feel free to call us at 01315542195 and order over the phone.

Thanks for your order. Looking forward to serving you again!


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